Our Services

Medical Eye Care, Loss of Vision, Telehealth Appointments

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Including, the Eye-Brain Connection, Refraction, Visual Field, Slit-Lamp Exam, Glaucoma testing and more!

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Contact Lens Evaluation

For current wearers, we evaluate the fit and prescription of the specific contact lens that you are wearing and make recommendations...

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Refractive Surgery Options

We evaluate each patient as a potential candidate for refractive surgery and recommend the best option for your eyes...

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Medical Eye Care

Our comprehensive eye exam is used to detect underlying medical problems with your eyes; learn some details about common Medical Eye Problems that we treat frequently in the office. 

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Emergency and After-Hours Care

If you're worried about eye injuries or eye pain after hours, learn more information here, or call us @ 412.682.2339 for our immediate feedback.

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