Contact Lens Options

Soft Contact Lenses: come in many varieties, including Daily Disposable (Single Use), Two Week Disposable and Monthly Disposable.   These contact lenses also are available for spherical, astigmatism and bifocal correction. 

Gas Permeable Lenses are the hard lenses.  They work best for high prescriptions, especially with high degrees of astigmatism.  They allow more oxygen to get to the eye and provide better optical quality than soft lenses, but they are not as flexible on the eye and initially are more uncomfortable.

Colored Contact Lenses are soft cosmetic lenses that require a prescription.  We love to get you the right look for your eyes, including custom designs.  Most colored lenses are available in prescriptions too.

Specialty Contact Lenses come in a variety of materials and are custom designed to fit your eyes, especially difficult to fit eyes or post-surgery and post-injury eyes.  

Purchasing Contact Lenses

Ordering contact lenses has never been easier.  You will need a current prescription and an account.  We can update your online account with the most current information from your record so that your purchase can go through as quickly as possible.

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